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Hire Site Maintenance Support Provider

Hire Site Maintenance Support provider at a very reasonable cost from Hire Developers (HDI) - a Microsoft Certified Partner Company. Our Site Maintenance Support provider have extensive knowledge and experience in developing mission critical Microsoft systems and Microsoft applications. You can either hire Site Maintenance Support provider or a dedicated team of Site Maintenance Support provider from Hire Developers (HDI).

Hiring Site Maintenance Support provider is the best option out there in the market these days if you wish to grow your business without really expanding and spending on infrastructure and hiring on roll employees.

Our Site Maintenance Support provider will work on your offshore projects from our offices located in India irrespective of whether you are in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany or any other European Union (EU) country, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, South Africa or any other country for that matter. You can hire Site Maintenance Support provider from us on monthly contract basis, on hourly basis for a given time duration or on fixed rate/cost basis on given projects as well.

1. How will I communicate with my hired Site Maintenance Support provider if the working hours differ from where I am and Indian Standard Time?

Our Site Maintenance Support provider and/or a project coordinator working on your job will always be available at a flexible timing via online chat (messengers such as Skype, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN and HDI Live Chat) for a stress-free communication. Working schedules of your Site Maintenance Support provider' team will be fixed in consideration to client country's local timing. We also have dedicated VOIP lines that will help you to be in touch with our Microsoft team at the time of your convenience. Also, we ensure that at least 2 hours in a day are common between the Site Maintenance Support provider team here and the client so that the project is reviewed on daily basis with regular updates.

2. Where will the Site Maintenance Support provider work?

Hire Developers (HDI) has one of the most modern technology infrastructure in the industry with the latest programming applications, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a professional team. The Site Maintenance Support provider that you will hire will work from our premises and will be helped by various other resources, if the need arises.

3. What if I do not like the Site Maintenance Support provider whom I've hired?

We give you a choice to interview your resource and only hire him once you are completely satisfied with the Site Maintenance Support Provider capability. Once hired, we ensure that there are regular discussions with the clients, so that the desired results are being achieved. Our mantra is transforming businesses® and we certainly do understand the importance of your business and provide a switch over, if the need arises.

Skills of dedicated Site Maintenance Support Provider from Hire Developers (HDI):

  • Provides complete service solution for your web site
  • On-going support for bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution, on-call support
  • Enhancements for modifications to support business or technical requirements' changes
  • Upgrades for new functionality, features and design implementations
  • Technical improvement like optimization restructuring/rewriting
  • Changes in content or content updates/additions
  • Version upgrades (New versions of CMS, PHP, MySQL and other tools)
  • Optimize web pages and graphics for speed & performance
  • Traffic analysis & site performance monitoring
  • Setting up & integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems
  • Administer your email service/webmail
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure data security & business continuity
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment
  • Excellent client communication & interpersonal skills

Our Client Orientation - What We Do Today, Others Adapt Tomorrow!

  • Ongoing Global Support (Online/Offline)
  • Search Engine friendly page optimization
  • W3C Standard guidelines
  • World class application design and architecture
  • Object Oriented Architecture Design
  • Customer Driven Management
  • Security Management
  • Delivery Excellence
  • Superior Value Proposition

Hire Site Maintenance Support provider for the following services:

  • Bug fixing and problem reporting
  • Fast turnaround time for changes
  • Complete service solution for your Website
  • Bi-Weekly Database Backup and Website backup after any update: This will ensure that we can bring up the website within 24 hours of any failure/hack attack
  • Content updates/additions
  • Version Upgrades (New versions of CMS, PHP, MySQL and other tools)
  • Performance Improvements

After finalizing the Site Maintenance Support provider and project specification, the hired Site Maintenance Support provider will become ready to start your work within 24 hours. You will also be assigned a Project Manager or Project Coordinator (without any additional costs on top of the Site Maintenance Support provider(s) that you hire) who will be managing your project and team throughout the analysis, design, development and testing phases and beyond.

With the hired Site Maintenance Support provider, you will get the following value-added benefits without any additional costs:

  • 1 GB (expandable up to 10 GB) of free web hosting space on our servers throughout the development phase (we will upload daily project upgrades on this URL for your on-going purview).
  • Project Coordinator to manage your project and for your on-going daily communication with the team that you hire from us.
  • Access to HDI Workroom® – our cutting edge project management application that will relieve you of all your project related updates and notices and will ease of your communication problems with the Site Maintenance Support provider and the team.

Contact us today to hire Site Maintenance Support provider and be relaxed about your offshore development requirements!